All of these quotes are excerpts from thank you notes sent to me from clients.    Thank you for your kind words.


...Thank you for your invitation to tell his story. I know healing takes time but this helps a lot. Once again, thank you again for everything. The care you provide means so much to us.


...It's so wonderful to have someone so tender and caring to help you through that kind of difficulty.  We were especially touched by the donation to the humane society....How fortunate we are to have someone like you to help us with our pets.  Thank you again. 


...Thanks also for tending to Chinook and Grizzly.  You sure make it a lot more comfortable for them coming to their home.  We all appreciate you very much!


...Your bedside manner and heartfelt caring is to be admired and truly makes a difference in all animals lives and their owners.  You're special...


Thank you so much for helping me know when the time was right for letting go of my "Bud dog", and for you very special way.  I hope you know how special you are and how much it helps to have such a caring person during such a tough time! Thanks too for the card.


Many thanks for caring for our "furry family".  We're so fortunate to have you in Buena Vista.  Happy Holidays.


...Thanks for the special way you have cared for all of our animals.  Congratulations on your new baby. 


Thank you for your kindness to us and to Kelly.  We know the decision was the right one - even though it was so hard.  I don't know why - but he was always so frightened to go to the veterinarians office.  He would shake so badly in the waiting room. Your coming to the house and letting him go to sleep in his own chair was wonderful. 


...I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all you did for me and Patches.  I can't find adequate words to tell you Thank you and God Bless, and thank you for going the extra mile...


Thank you for helping us and Lady this weekend! You helped us and explained to us what would happen and that really made it easier!  What a hard job you have                               you are our Hero.

Thank you for your donation to AVHS we really appreciate your continued support.

Thanks Beth, for your loving care of our "gang"-you are much appreciated.

Your tender way with our pets has been wonderful to observe as you deal with each of them.  Thank you for your kindness and care of our animals. You are a very gifted lady...

We thank you for being our vet. We love you!

Dave and I want to thank you again for your special care that you give.  You are an angel to us and Powder knew it too. 

There are no words that we can say to fully express how thankful we are that God blessed us and our precious little Patches with you and your family.   Thank you so much for all you did and continue to do.