Tchaikovsky Gerberich

Tchaikovsky Gerberich


Our sweet little “Shy Tchai" stole our hearts at first sight. While Stacy was getting some pet time at the Ark Valley shelter you wrapped your paws around her neck, and head butted your way into her life and our lives. You chose us! Your name at the shelter was Gregg T Sneaks because Dr. Ritchie found you sneaking around the shelter one night. You were so shy when we first brought you home. We thought you had permanent owl eyes until you relaxed and made yourself at home. You and our huge 100# dog- Thor- like to tease each other. He would wait until you fell asleep and then jump and scare you off the couch. You would hide on a perch and bat his bottom when he walked by, scaring the “living daylights" out of the huge pooch. With a gleam in your eye, I’m sure you were saying, “Gets him every time.” Bob built you a perch outside our kitchen window where you could watch the squirrels and chipmunks in the yard while keeping an eye out for your family or food in the kitchen. We miss your head butts, you hugs, your purrs and your love. We miss you Shy Tchai

09-26-2010 - 10/13/2016