Tasha Anne Raabe

Tasha Anne came to us in 2001, just 5 days after the loss of our prior dog Mattie., her former owner acquired her at a pet store in Loveland, Co. And she spent the majority of her first 9 months alone,as her owners were always gone, the owners decided they didn't want a dog but rather a baby, Tasha was headed for the shelter and we intercepted her, she experienced no separation anxiety from her owners but rather was overjoyed to have companionship on a regular basis, from that point on she ruled our household in grand style. Tasha Anne always had a very special relationship with her friend Dr. Beth from the very beginning, the tail was always in motion during her visits. Tasha's loved to be the boss of our neighborhood and made everyone mind her, she loved her Frisbee and her Daddy, she was diagnosed with diabetes 02/11/2010 and lost her sight in may of the same year, that didn't stop Tasha Anne, she adjusted and moved forward, she was an inspiration to us and fought to the very end, which came 01/11/2012., despite her up's and many downs during that time period the tail never stopped nor her determination to enjoy life to the fullest. Her spirit remains alive and well in us.