Sampson Evans

Sampson was born to a small calico mom in Suttan, WA and was named Sammie Sultan.  When we rescued him in December of 1997 he was 8 months old and eventually became Samson or Samsonite.  He traveled with his brothers Smudge and DC via UHaul and we all eventually ended up in Buena Vista in 1999.  We adopted an occicat, Miss Wings, and the two became great snuggle buddies.  Samson was my Woolly Bear, a great smuggler.  He was a big boy with huge feet and a boxy body.  At one time in his Buddha kitty days he weighed over 23 pounds.  In 2004 he lost weight due to bladder stones and a urinary blockage. He had surgery to re-route his urine and did fine.  He never regained all the weight he lost.  When I entered him in the Cottonwood Vet Clinic's weight loss contest in 2008 he was a bit over 19 pounds.  He was the biggest looser in the cat category.  He went down to 18.4 pounds.  Dr. Joel wanted him to go to 17 pounds.  When DC had to go on a special high fat diet in November I weighed Samson and he was at 17.2 pounds.  I could feel his back bone and ribs and I thought he was doing great.  But even as I lost DC I felt something wasn't right with Samson.  He felt bony and wasn't himself.  He had pancreatitis and then stopped eating New Year's Eve day.   I force fed him and took him in Monday.  He was given Valium to stimulate his appetite abut he never started eating voluntarily.  He continued to lose weight and grow weaker.  He was down to 12 pounds.  I called on Thursday to bring him in - I did not want to wait for Friday evening for Dr. Ritchie to come to the house.  I said goodbye to him on January 7.  I found a beautiful poinsettia tin at New Bee's and his ashes were placed in that.  He will join Smudge and DC this spring in a special place.