Romeo 1


Romeo 2


Romeo, I love how you would cuddle with me all night long and sleep in with me. I love how you would greet me at the door and kiss my legs until I would tell you hi. I love how you would wave. I love how you would quickly roll on your back so I’d pet your tummy. I love how you would moan and groan when I’d scratch and pet you…and how you would open and close your mouth quietly groaning because you enjoyed it so much. I love how you’d put your ears back, smile, squint your eyes and run to me when I’d call you. I love how you’d play so hard running back and forth even with a bad leg, and slap your front paws on the floor when I’d do it…you’d copy me. I love how strong of a dog you were and your incredible will to live. I love how sweet you were you were always so wonderful for the vet and did whatever you were told. I love how you were never ever bad. I love how happy of a dog you were. I love how I was your favorite person. I love how you’d sing and say “I love you”. I love how you’d sing for me even when I’d just say “Romeo sing”. I love how you sang with me to “Somewhere over the rainbow” for Rachel, I could even hear you sing while under our bed, you’d even stay there and just sing while I sang. I love how good you were to our family and how you were the best with our kids, never a snap or growl, you were so wonderful. I love when you’d squint your eyes. I love how you’d actually smile when you were happy to see me. I love how you’d sleep in with me. I love how happy you’d get after the bath when I’d put your collar back on, you’d smile run and play. I love how you’d love to sneak in the basket of warm laundry, and I would heat up your blanket in the dryer for you, you loved it. I love how you’d stand in the whole pan to lick it. I love how you’d bend your front down with your butt high in the air and stay there for a long time, even fall asleep that way. I love how much you loved chocolate chip cookies (without the chocolate of course) oh and angel food cake. I love how you’d follow me and always want in the bathroom with me and when I’d shower you’d get all snuggled up in my clothes, oh and lick the drops of water off me fingers and toes. I love how you’d stand at the tub and look back at me and wait for me to pick you up and put you in it so you could lick the water. I love how you’d be the only dog when we’d come home, to go and say hi to Rachel in her car seat and give her feet kisses. You’d be so excited to tell her hi too. I love how you’d come running when I’d wiggle my toes and you’d smile and rub on them and kiss them. You always gave me so many kisses. I love how jealous you’d get when I’d pet another pet and you’d try to squeeze your way in-between. I love how (when you were able to) you’d jump on my back ANY time I’d bend down, kiss me and watch what I was doing, and I loved how you’d jump from the bed to my arms. I love how you’d smile. I love how you’d snuggle up on my lap while I was driving, or put your paws on the wheel. I love how sometimes you’d sing when I’d come home or when I would leave. I loved your old man growl and bark. I love how much you loved me, but most of all I love you and always will. I miss you so much Romeo, my heart is broken and hurting so bad. You will ALWAYS be mommy’s baby and I will see you again some day.
I miss you.

♥I Love you Romeo♥