The memorial page is available now.  You may email me your deceased pets' picture and story and I will post it for you. 

A new link has been added to my website.  I have become an affiliate with the Animal Behavior Associates out of Denver, CO.  Just click on the logo on the home page and you will be directed to their website.  I recommend you sign up for their free newsletter and email tips.  I have benefited from both myself. 

Heartworm cases in our area have decreased.  There are very few cases that have been confirmed.  I recommend that dogs that travel with their owners be on heartworm prevention to significantly decrease the risk of infection.  Felines do not contract the disease unless they are in a very concentrated area of mosquitoes that are carrying the heartworm disease.  Clients with dogs not on heartworm prevention need to seriously consider the risks to their pet and start their pet on prevention if needed.

I have changed my vaccination recommendations as of 1-2004.  My recommendations are based on scientific studies recently published in the AVMA (American Veterinarian Medical Association) journal.  A copy of it can be sent to you if you request it.  I recommend both dogs and cats get a 3 year rabies vaccination and a 3 year "distemper" vaccination.  The dog distemper vaccination consists of canine distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvo, the cat distemper vaccination consists of feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia.  The dog bordetella or kennel cough vaccination and the cat feline leukemia vaccine are recommended every year.  If you have any questions about my new recommendations, or about vaccinations not listed here, please call me to discuss it. 


Many of you are concerned about your dogs and cats and West Nile disease. There is no reason to be concerned, they do not usually develop meningitis like horses and humans and it isn't life threatening to them.