Harely Schwemmer Picture

Harley Schwemmer

Harley was our sweet female ginger cat; she was a member of our family for 21 years.  She joined our family as a young kitten when our children were starting grade school.  Yes, she was a female, but they named her Harley because of the way she raced around "like a little motorcycle".  They really doted on her in their growing up years and spent many hours playing with her; we all did.  When she was about 10 years old, we got a Doberman puppy and Harley had to show her who was boss.  Those two never did get along, but they were both such an important part of our family.  They represent a huge part of our growing family years.  Dobie died at age 11, and still Harley went on--living her quiet, cautious life.  She was in failing health in so many ways, but she still knew us and loved us and always purred when we were around.  It's hard to believe, after so many years, that's she's actually gone.  Thank you, Harley, for all the love and good memories.  You will always be our sweet "butterscotch coon."