D.C. and Smudge Evans

Smudge came into our lives after we lost Kismet to cardiomyopathy in 1995.  We searched several shelters but it wasn't until Hooterville Pet Rescue that I found Smudge.  I saw the tip of his ear wiggle and found a step stool to climb up to see him.  He was dropped off in a box overnight.  They named him Smudge because he had a smudge of color on his head and neck.  He had a white body with a grey ringed tail and green blue eyes.  He made himself at home with Zari, our Balinese who was another rescue.  We went back a few weeks later to say how much Smudge was making our lives richer.That's when I found D.C. He and his litter mates we're feral and had just come back from fostering.  One woman wanted him as he matched her decor!  We weren't looking for another cat but it was a wonderful match.  I named him D.C. for Destiny Cat, as he was meant to share our lives.  So as the ladies said as we left, we had two Hooters!!  He and Smudge had several travel adventures in U-Haul trucks and were quite adaptable to change.  We lost Zari to cancer in the summer of 1997 and rescued Samson at Christmas time.  Our journeys ended when we found Buena Vista in 1998 after a serious car accident.  We lost Smudge to cancer in Oct. 1999.  My relationship ended in the Fall of 2000.  I was living in one of the A-frames with 3 cats I had added another rescue cat in Sept. 1999.  As I regained my balance D.C. was always snuggling, cushing and purring.  He was a great comfort to me.  All the fur people are special but "Decers" was extra special.  He missed Smudge and the other two mis-matched cats bonded closely.  So I found Aspen as Ark-Valley Humane Society and brought her home.  She and D.C. snuggled and slept together.  We moved twice more and settled in a home with a wood stove.  Did they like that!  I lost Aspen to renal failure in 2007 after too short a time together, but she sent me Sapphire who was born 4 days after Aspen's death.  And I found her by accident.  I dropped off my cans and went inside the Humane Society to visit the cat section.  There she was, a blue point Siamese mix with her two tabby siblings, and the next day was free adoption!  DC hissed and growled a lot at first but soon accepted the little girl into his life.  We moved again, into town in 2008.  Our last for a long time I hope.  D.C. loved the wide window sills and would spend hours in the sun.  I thought he had hair balls and put him on a hair ball food.  But he kept throwing up.  I took him to Cottonwood Vet Service to see Beth and he had another bladder stone!  The first was two years earlier and a real nasty, spiky thing.  So he had surgery, did well with that and went home with medicine for a kidney infection.  A month later his kidney #'s were way up.  So I learned how to do the sub Q fluid treatment (with help from a friend who held the bag while I held D.C.).  He even gained back some weight but then went downhill.  I called Beth to make an appointment to come to my home.  So I said a hard goodbye to D.C., on Dec.1, 2009, my 62nd birthday.  When you love the fur people enough to bring them into your home and heart, you have to also love them enough to say goodbye.  This is a hard Christmas because it's the first time in 14  years D.C. isn't sharing it with me.  But in his way he is.  He told me in a dream he was okay.  And in the spring he will go join his brother Smudge in a special place where all the fur people from now on will be welcomed when time comes.