Bogie Pate

Bogie Pate

I adopted Bogie 2 years ago from a shelter. He was a "RED COLLAR" unadoptable case, but something inside me said something different the first time I looked into his deep, soulful eyes. He was in the worse shape you could imagine. His fur was so matted together that he could hardly walk, he had hay splinters embedded in his skin, and he was very overweight. I later discovered he had been caged for about 8 1/2 years of his life and was terribly abused. I figured it may already be too late for this guy, but I gave the lady my $75 and got him out of there as quickly as possible. He growled and tried to bite at the back of my head all the way home.

He settled in rather quickly, but I knew I had my work cut out with him. After a few bite wounds, I spent the next 3 weeks cutting out dreadlocks, brushing him and pumping him full of antibiotics. My dear friend helped pet and console him while I worked away at him. I painstakingly took tweezers and one by one pulled the hay slivers out of him and treated his wounds. I started a diet and exercise program and rid him of an extra 22 pounds. He basically had to learn to walk all over again. He was clumsy and fell over quite often. He had no strength in his muscles at all. I quickly discovered his love for toys, and he would play until he just couldn't any more. For the first time in his life he knew love, compassion, hope, joy and patience.

About 2 weeks of training was all this smart guy needed. He learned not to chase the kitties or the deer. To stay on the property and only bark at strangers. To walk without a leash. And not to potty in the house. He has been the epitome of perfection in a pet ever since. He went to work with me every day and the clients all loved him and commented on how sweet natured he was. (So much for that "RED COLLAR" theory) We have been inseparable ever since. But then he developed tumors and CHF. Dr. Beth put him on the best medicine, but after a 1 1/2 year struggle, he had a final stroke and had to be kindly put to rest. His heart just gave up.

He was the best dog I have ever had the opportunity to be with, and I will cherish every minute we had together. Dr. Beth, you gave us many more months together and I am indebted to you for that. I am very glad to have you in mine and my pets lives. The care you give and your bedside manner are beyond compare. Thank you so much for coming on your day off to help us! We love you.