Bella Starr Smith


Bella Starr Smith

In honor of Bella Starr. Oct. 3rd, 2011-On our last ride together..wind in our hair one last time out on a beautiful fall afternoon in the mountains. Thirteen years ago, you were thrown by someone into the night kennel at The Dumb Friend's League in Denver. I so thank the person who did not leave you on the street. I saw you and you saw me and that was that.

You were there when I was diagnosed with a terrifying rare disease..there when I was so pregnant...every doctor visit we would go to Denver from Winter Park (cuz they don't birth no babies up there) LOL...and walk around a chosen park or field afterward. You were there for two family cancer journeys-(Steve REALLy does love you after all) the death of mom..she loved you. And my weight loss journey..I was so sick at 199lbs four yrs ago. Every day we got up and walked. "If I could only walk 10-15 miles a week, I can heal myself" I would think-so we walked-together-everyday. We walked in the snow, the rain, the sunshine and your little legs could go miles and miles. You went with me everywhere..and guess what. I have my life back..55lbs later.

As we took our last ride together today..I can only thank and honor you my girl. See you on the other side..someday. Love your furry pals.. Namaste