I was born and raised in Colorado Springs.  Most of my family still lives there.  I went to a private Christian school, CSCS, from kindergarten through high school. I was an honor student and was active in many sports.  Even though I was busy with school,  I  worked for various Veterinarians in Colorado Springs from the age of 15.  I knew even then that I would be a Veterinarian.  After graduating, I went to Colorado State University in Fort Collins.  I finished my undergraduate and graduate work there and got my degree in Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation I moved with my husband to New Hampshire where I practiced in a busy 6 veterinarian 2 hospital practice.  We lived there for 3 and a half years and then moved back to Buena Vista, Colorado in 1997.   I used to camp at Cottonwood lake as a little girl with my family so the area has lots of good memories and played a large part in us deciding to move here.  My husband Joe and I have lived in Buena Vista ever since and love the area and people.  Our son Gavin was born 6-3-2000 and our son Galen was born 11-24-2003.  They are the joy of our lives.  I spend my days with them and work nights when their daddy can spend time with them.  This mobile practice allows us the privalege of raising our sons together.